Origins of SoulieLove Collections

Patricia Robinson created SoulieLove Collections in 2018 after removing herself from a toxic situation.

It was during her journey of healing and self-discovery that God opened her eyes to positive and inspiring things. She experienced a paradigm shift that ushered in a whole new consciousness of life and how to live it.

One of the things she learnt was to totally love herself first and stop allowing others to dictate her worth. It was only through this practice that she could truly give of herself freely without the fear of being subjected to someone else’s values.

Living positively by converting bad energy into good energy. Over a short period of time her gift in freestyle graphic and fashion design fully illuminated her spirit. She rediscovered her lost passion for designing men, women, and children apparel. Intertwining every thread and every color with elements of love and care; each unique and put together as the complete woman She is today.

Her colors royal blue and yellow represent her inner security, loyalty, trust, and happiness. Her circle ⭕️ represents the positive people she wants in her life that’s going to motivate and encourage her to always strive for better. Her notes represent the love she has for music, and the ability music has to change moods and emotions.

Her triangle represents the divine nature of the number 3 which, in this instance, represents the past, present and future. SoulieLove is much more than just a name. It’s about finding who you are as a person and sharing that energy with others.

This is more than just a brand. It’s a culture! Made with ❤️ love and inspiration to inspire others.

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